Polly Redfern

PPR Alumni

Polly’s job is to make our workshops and engagement as accessible as possible, using her visual design skills to explain the complex topics we work on and make sure that everyone we work with can participate in change. 

Having worked on many of our challenges, Polly has built a portfolio of work and adapts to the cohort and context of each challenge. Examples include:

Visualising groups’ stories and programme insights

Polly draws visual notes at many of our events. They consolidate thoughts, ideas, challenges and outcomes that are shining through.

Templates and materials that encourage participation

Collaborating closely with the delivery team, partners and participants, Polly develops unique workshop templates and visuals that engage different learning styles and support participation from people with lived experience 

Models and frameworks that consolidate outcomes

Polly develops graphic illustrations that clearly consolidate and tell the story of deliverables, outcomes and impact. This includes theories of change and business development process imagery. 

Polly has also co-led on a collaborative process in designing People Powered Results’ new identity, which you can see on this website today.

Outside of work, you can find Polly exploring new places and creative activities. A passion for the outdoors and cycling as well as volunteering for South London Cares.

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