Supporting Nesta grantees to adapt to the COVID-19 environment


The global health crisis saw many of Nesta’s grantees navigating extremely complex circumstances. As organisations they were thrust into uncertainty and faced immediate demands: from rapidly adopting new ways of working, adapting their delivery models, and strategically thinking through their new medium-long term plans to find solutions to tackle the crisis.

The People Powered Results team worked with Nesta grantees to:

  • Identify and consolidate learning based on how they adapted services/programmes in response to COVID-19
  • Build a shared understanding around innovative ways of working that emerged as a result of the crisis
  • Plan recovery and future strategies based on their learning
  • Create spaces to reflect on what they were facing and the solutions that would move them forwards through the health crisis in a proactive way

We offered a blend of different support, ranging from building internal coaching capacity through to external coaching, facilitation and content sharing. As a result, we were able to develop bespoke offers based on each grantee organisation’s needs.

Overall, we provided 1:1 support to individuals from five grantee organisations, designed and delivered six virtual workshops, and worked with three grantee organisations to formulate recovery plans and scale up innovative practices that emerged during emergency response. This included supporting:

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