Our offer

The People Powered Results team supports change efforts all over the UK. What does this look like in real life? Find out more about how we work below.


What we do

People Powered Results works with organisations and public systems to release the power of people closest to issues to adapt and take action in an increasingly complex world.


Curate insights

Our Listen & Learn programmes are shaping recommendations for the future by supporting systems to explore and understand the world through the perspectives of people delivering and experiencing services.


Shape new visions

Our innovation programmes support strategy development and implementation planning and help systems reimagine the future, and design a path to get there.


Make it real

Our 100 Day Challenge, sprints and prototyping methods bring ideas to life by accelerating the pace and improving the experience of change in complex systems through people-centred approaches.


Create space

Our team supports organisations to create spaces where they can unpack some of today’s toughest challenges and learn new ways to achieve progress. We offer a range of services including leading through innovation, coaching, capacity building, events and workshops.



Our innovation methods

Innovation methods are made up of the tools, techniques and frameworks we draw on to make change happen. You can read more about some of our recent work in relation to each method.

Listen and learn

By gathering insights from people closest to the issues, our Listen and Learn programmes support systems to understand the challenges ahead and what will be required in order to grow and adapt. This means strategies and plans of action are developed based on insight and real data.

Read about how our End of Life Listen and Learn programme supported St Christopher’s and Marie Curie to understand what has changed in experiences of dying, death and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic and how learning from the crisis could help reshape these experiences.

Strategy development

Through collaborative and inclusive approaches, we turn problems into possibilities and support systems to imagine what could be. Involving practitioners, people and communities in co-design builds a sense of ownership, and strategies that are fit for both the future and the here-and-now.

Take a look at our strategy development work with Waltham Forest London Borough Council that led them to co-create a progressive strategy for their Families Division

Implementation planning

We support organisations and systems to develop practical and actionable pathways to bring visions to life, considering what to maintain, grow or leave behind. Focussing on the behaviours and ways of working that will be needed, alongside more practical or policy changes, helps to build a culture where adaptation and iteration are embraced.

Take a look at our work with the Lived Experience team in NHS England. We supported people with experience of personalised care to develop their knowledge and skills to step into positions of peer leadership.

100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge is an intensive change programme which enables citizens and practitioners to collaborate and experiment with new ways of working.

Through empowering those closest to issues, the programme brings a renewed energy and creates power for change across a system. With a strong focus on real life impact, the 100 Day Challenge can inform longer-term strategic ambitions and plans.

Find out how the Essex 100 Day Challenge helped the Council and communities learn how to support people with learning disabilities and autism to live a meaningful life.

You can also read our report Sparking Change in Public Systems, where we reflect on five years of the 100 Day Challenge.

Project partners with the Rapid Results Institute.

Sprints and prototyping

We translate insights into action by taking participants through a series of interactive workshops focused on identified challenges.

Sprints set a pace that rapidly moves a team from initial idea generation to testing and evaluating. Prototyping aims to identify assumptions and test out ideas at an early stage without using vast amounts of time and resources. Here, there is room to learn from failure. This means we can rapidly turn new ideas into real life solutions.

Find out how the HARP Sprint in Wales took a people powered approach  to support health and care systems with their biggest challenges during Covid-19.

Leading innovation

The world is changing and the resilience and adaptability to lead and thrive through uncertainty is more critical than ever. We create spaces where people can connect with peers, learn, and sometimes unlearn, and reflect on creating a culture within their organisation that promotes innovation and learning.

Find out how People Powered Results supported Nesta grantees to adapt to the COVID-19 environment.

Coaching and capacity building

Our work in coaching and capacity building goes beyond training and teaching people to complete tasks better and focuses on empowering individuals, shifting mindsets and breaking down the barriers that stifle innovation.

Combining skills development, peer learning and real life application on a challenge means communities and systems strengthen and maintain the capabilities needed to adapt and succeed in an ever changing world.

Find out how our coaching services built capacity for innovation in Lincolnshire.

Events and workshops

We bring diverse perspectives into the room to unpack some of today’s toughest challenges, explore similarities and challenge assumptions. Our events and workshops focus on building empathy and understanding among participants so we can all get on the same page and move to action.

Our Civil Society Conference convened representatives from across the statutory and Voluntary and Community Sectors to share learning, provide a space to reflect, and start to look to the future.

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